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We accept small and large dogs for grooming, and will work with special needs dogs and seniors.

Chihuahua Bath
Basic bath:     bath, blow dry, brush out
*$20.00 and up
Spa bath:  

basic bath plus anal glands expressed, ears cleaned, toenails trimmed, and teeth brushed

*$35.00 and up

Dog Grooming Tools
Add ons:

Dremel nails:                             $5.00

Flea Treatment:                        $20.00 and up

De Shed:                                      $20.00

Matting:                                      $10.00 and up

Photos:                                        $15.00 and up


Spa bath

plus a haircut

*$50.00 and up

(extra charges for

matting and

flea treatment)

* All prices depend on size of

dog and condition of dog's coat)

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